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Couples Counselling

I offer effective professional counselling to couples or individuals with a wide range of relationship problems, such as:

  • Communication difficulties and conflict

  • Aftermath of an affair

  • Loss of intimacy

  • Impact of pregnancy and young children

  • Becoming a combined (step) family

  • Effects of past sexual abuse on your relationship

  • Landmark Life Stages

  • Retirement

  • Pre-nuptial Counselling

  • Impact of Redundancy

  • Financial issues

  • Loneliness

  • Confidence issues

  • Divorce/seperation

  • Gender issues

Exploring your problems in a safe and confidential way will enable you to understand why you are where you are now, and provide you with a strategies to make the changes that will benefit you and your relationship.

Contact me by email or call 07711 946 396 to arrange a confidential initial consultation.

I do not work with couples where there is ongoing domestic abuse. For help with this issue, contact Respect 0845 122 8609 (

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