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Jodie Slee
Online, trauma informed relationship and psychosexual- therapist.


Many people will experience sexual difficulties at some point in their lives. I offer clients the opportunity to talk openly and honestly about problems and concerns which may be adversely affecting their sex lives or relationships.

Sex Therapy


I offer effective professional counselling to couples or individuals with a wide range of relationship problems, helping them to understand their problems and providing strategies to make positives changes that will benefit them and their relationship.

Relationship Counselling
Therapy Sessions
Sex Therapy, Marriage Guidance and Relationsip Counselling
About me

I have over 14  years worth of experience helping couples and individuals successfully overcome relationship issues or achieve their sexual goals. I have extensive knowledge of up to date theories and strategies in psychology, behavioural sciences and sexology. I have trained with globally recognised institutions such as The Tavistock and The Relate Institute and have featured in many mainstream media articles and blogs as an industry expert.

I have further training in EMDR (eye movement desensitisation reprocessing) with EMDR Centre London. EMDR is an active therapy recognised worldwide as an effective treatment for trauma, allowing people to heal from distress and PTSD.

I am passionate about my work healing the emotional wounds of trauma in particular working with the survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

I offer discreet and confidential therapy and couching to clients world wide and having successfully helped 100's of people globally work towards the relationship and sexual goals. With previous practices in both the UK and New York I am currently practicing online via Zoom.  I help all clients without judgement, regardless of background, gender, sexual orientation or religion.


Common Sexual Problems

I work with clients to help them overcome a range of sexual problems that may negatively impact their lives. More information on the common Sexual problems I work with can be found here



Premature Ejaculation


Loss of Desire

Erectile Dysfuntion


Common Relationship Problems

All couples go through difficult periods in their relationships for a number of reasons. Relationship Therapy helps couples explore their problems in a structured and helpful environment to find a productive way forward


Communication Issues


Aftermath of Affairs

Financial Difficulties


Arrival of Children


Loss of Intimacy

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.

Carl Jung

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